Apple Bug discovered A Telugu characters causing Apple device to crash | How to Solve Apple crash

Apple Bug discovered A Telugu characters causing Apple device to crash | How to Solve Apple crash

What Cause the Apple bug
Apple device bug discovered a few days back. It causes the apple devices to crash. The apple devices crashes and blocks access to Messenger apps when viewing some specific Telugu character

The Telugu character caused the crash
Telugu is the language which is commonly speaks in India's States called Telugana and Andra pradesh.  Over 80 millions of people around the globe is using telugu .
The issue was reported by an Italian Blog(“Killer Message”)
The issue was first reported by ab Italian Blog Mobile world. The news quickly spread over the internet and social Media . The specific telugu character which causes the apple device to crash is spreading across internet as “Killer message”. The Message is being added to so many peoples time line tagged ad “Killer Message”
The damages caused by the Message
According to Mashable , when the specific telugu message opened on an i…

Attukal Pongala festival at Attukal bhagavathi temple| Story behind Attukal temple

Attukal Pongala festival at Attukal bhagavathi temple | Story behind Attukal temple

"അമ്മേ നാരായണാ ദേവീ നാരായണാ ലക്‌ഷിമി നാരായണാ ഭദ്രേ നാരായണാ"


Thiruvanathapuram,Kerala,India :The Attukal Pongala  held at Attukal Temple is the largest gathering of women for a festival in the world. Attukal pongala even got into Guinness book of record. Check out the certificates .

The offering of ‘Pongala’ is an special practices in the southern part of kerala.           Pongala means ‘boil over’,its an kind of rice pudding made of rice,sweets ,coconut,nuts,etc which is offered to the Goddess(Attukal  Amma).This Pongala is usually made in mud pots.           Only women can perform this ritual and during this festival the surroundings of the temple will be covered with devotees .The entire city will he lighten up during this festival and the streets of the city will be covered with thousands of people on the day of Pongala.The number of devotees are increasind year by year and it has b…

Holi 2018 Date messages Wishes quotes images and Story behind festival of colors

Holi 2018 Date| Holi messages , Holi Wishes quotes , Holi images and Story behind festival of colors

The festival indicates that the arrival of spring, end of winter, the victory of good over evil and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive.

Holi celebrates mainly on northern side of India and some states in southern India.

Holi DateHoli Rituals Exiting Story Behind HoliHoli WishesHoli quotesHoli Images
Holi Date

Begins in the evening of Thursday 1 st March 2018 Ends in the evening of Friday 2 nd March 2018

Holi Rituals
It lasts for a whole night and a day, begins on the evening of the Full Moon day, which comes somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March.  The first evening is known as Holika…

Meera jasmin new look age Latest photo Lover and spouse

Meera jasmin new look age Latest photo Lover and spouse

Meera jasmin New Look

Meera jasmine once she made wonder in malayalam film industry  with her looks as well as with her acting . Meera jasmine is almostdisappeared  from malayalam film industry and her last film was 'Akasha Ramanna' . That was a telugu movie almost 8 years ago. She is born in Kuttipuzha village tiruvalla on 15 february 1982

Recently Meera spoted on a jewelry shop . We can understand her spouse keep her healthy lol. …

Priya varrior Wiki | Age | Bio | DOB | Photos

Priya varrior Wiki | Age | Bio | DOB | Photos

After Sheril G Kadavan became an Internet celebrity thanks to the viral Jimmiki Kammal video, another young actress has become an overnight celebrity. And again, the song has been set to music by Shaan Rahman who gave us the Jimmiki Kammal

Priya varrior Wiki | Age | Bio | DOB | Photos
The girl has became over night celebrity by just one wink.With just one wink, the girl in the video has created a storm on the internet. Her name is Priya Prakash Varrier. The 18-year-old girl is reportedly a B.Com student in Vimala College, Thrissur, Kerala.Priya is quite active on Facebook and Instagram, so it wasn’t difficult to find her. Priya is a Mohiniyattam dancer

She is a newcomer in Malayalam film industry she is also a model and a dancer .
She is became famous by the viral clip shared over internet of the movie Oru Adaru Love.Priya's expressions capturing the hearts of several Romeos around india. 

Priya varrior Wiki | Age | Bio | DOB | Photos