CRM SDK Aggregate Fetch xml

CRM SDK Aggregate Fetch xml
For retrieving data from CRM , we can use the following methods while integrating CRM with the help of CRM SDK.
The querying methods are using QueryExpression using Fetch XML QueryExpression:
We use this type of querying method when we using direct selection . For example, if we need to get all data from account entity, then we use simple QueryExpression as below

QueryExpressionquery = newQueryExpression { EntityName = "account", ColumnSet = newColumnSet(true) }; EntityCollectionentities = service.RetrieveMultiple(query);
This is pretty direct method , also you can link different entities using LinkEntity() class Syntax: LinkEntity(stringlinkFromEntityName, stringlinkToEntityName, stringlinkFromAttributeName, stringlinkToAttributeName, JoinOperatorjoinOperator)
Example : QueryExpressionquery = newQueryExpression { EntityName = "account", ColumnSet = newColumnSet(true) }; varaccountLinkEntity = newLinkEntity("account", "systemuser", "…

IIS (Internet Information Services) Interview questions

IIS is an unavoidable part in case of a interview . As a web developer we all have the necessary knowledge about the Internet Information service. Here I am trying to list out the possible IIS interview questions . Please leave your valuable comment on this post.

Q) What is IIS
        A) Internet information services  (IIS) is a web server created by Microsoft, which will runs the web site or web application that is hosted in the IIS . when we type on the browser address bar  actually a request is going to IIS and the IIS will manage the request and runs the .net code according to the request and give back the response.
The primary function of a web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to clients. The communication between client and server takes place using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Q) What are the different roles of IIS 
A)IIS works as a web server. That is generate response to the client request Client may be a browser Like Mozilla Firefox . IIS mai…

Integrating Microsoft Dynamic CRM with .Net Web-api

The Microsoft Dynamic CRM is one of the most effective and durable CRM Available now. Some times the organizations are not satisfied with just CRM , in order to make their process much easier, they are forced to create another costume applications like mobile apps and desktop applications even other custom CRMs . But each applications must be synchronized that they all should be work as connected systems in order to attain full use of distributed systems. Here i am talking about the integration of Microsoft dynamic CRM with Web-api. Because web API's are more common now and use as the middle layer to communicate with different systems like, Mobile apps and other web sites , other CRMs etc. In order to connect with Dynamic CRM there is a SDK provided by Microsoft which uses the CRM Services to communicate.I have explained below the step by step creation of web-api which retrieve the Data from Dynamic CRM
1. Create a web-api project 

install CRM Sdk From NuGet or you can use In…